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INDIA is the Land of Revealation of Occultism by- Vagwan-Rama, Krishna, and Blassedby Vagwan Buddha, Mahabir, Sree-Chaityanya Mahaprabhu and also sanctified by so many Vedic philosophers Manu, Parasar, Vrigu, Vyasdev, Jangnabalka, Patanjali, Kopil Muni, Dronacharya, Guru Goutam, Guru Gobinda Adi-Sankaracharya, Srignan Atish-Dipankar, Kabir, Guru-Nanak, and Abatarbarishta Sree Sree Ramakrishna Paramahnsadev, Yuganayak Swami Vivekananda and more. Since the Pre-historical period in number able Abatars / spiritual reformer / great souls appeared in and blessed our mother land. By which the eternal Vedic / Eastern Civilization gloriously influenced the Global civilization and accordingly became the light house of the human race. The ethos of ancient Indian society was based on & guided by the spiritual Philosophy of Veda & Upanishad. Idealism was—”¬ae a¬š²e i¨¢”b¡ / j¡ Nªdx LpÉ¢pÜej”z “pL¬ml a¬l pL¬m Bjl¡”. That society believed that “I am not a body with some sensual organ but I am THE SOUL. Every Soul is immortal and originated from one ‘SUPER SOUL’’, which is known as GOD/PARAMESWAR. The soul consists of GOD PARTICALS and is Energy or Power which can do anything and everything through enacting by the present body, get in this life. And a life is for realization & up gradation of it. In our ancient society basic need of a man was limited, so activities also were metaphysical for the life beyond death.

At that time scientific materialistic development of that society was very slow but humanity, co-operation, truth, justice, love, peace, harmony and so on was the essence of life. Education was for development of humanity. Humanity was Parameter of greatness of life.

In the middle of the 18th Century the global Imperialistic-Capitalist aggression made India a colonial country and the exhaustion & fear of a defeated nation for long period. The pressure of western capitalist exploitation broke down our National Idealism; on the other hand newly imported western first-life dazzling culture suppressed our eternal civilization morality and faith. For that self-centered & surrender mentality was build up and continuing tell now in our society.

Even after Independence we failed to re-gain our lost spiritual and moral power of humanity. Free India has adopted the global capitalist system in the name of mixed economy. Owing to long generations gap under British subjugation we are habituated with mixed Western Culture. Although the Nation Developed in the field of science, technology and the material prosperity but could not be able to regain the lost human values & moral sensitivities.

In India Aims of Education today is to build up a carrier of a man or to produce a bureaucrat, as was in the British period but neither for generating self-confidence nor for manifestation of perfection already in men. More over the capitalist system by its nature generated “Bhogbad”. The main temptation of “Bhogbad” is meant for sensual gratification by any means. Thus the society is running blindly within the orbit of ‘Bhogbad’. As a result we are on the edge of an abyss. The distortion of values, lowering of standards and widespread escapism collapsed the men in despair, frustration, hopelessness. In nutshell, the human society at present has becomes skeletal. Cry of humanity is everywhere in our society.

At this critical juncture the relevant philosophy of Yugabatar Sri Sri Ramakrishna and Yuganayak Swami Vivekananda “To combine material prosperity with deep moral sensitivity” is the only way of escape. Swami Vivekananda’s relevance depends not on the nature of the problems we face but on the spirit with which those problems have to be tackled. Today we may find an universal effort is running to embrace the ideology of SRI SRI RAMAKRISHNA & VIVEKANANDA. NOW IT IS THE AGE OF RAMAKRISHNA & VIVEKANANDA.

Accordingly we being the most devotee, accepted the advise of our Lord RAMAKRISHNA “¢nh ‘¡¬e S£h -ph¡“ .Service to the mankind. So, to Materialized our holistic mission the Ramakrishna Vedanta Mission Teachers’ Academy was established to impart physical, mental & spiritual education with emotional intectuality management and also to make a man who will not be a careerist but will discover him-self/her-self as a source of unlimited power ¬p¡qw .

This Institution with its intakes is to act as potential media to reach thousands of school going students of our society to achieve the mission entreating this as ABODE OF LEARNING AS “HERMITAGE”.


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